The Office supports the Board of Directors by independently delivering agreed management tasks. It is playing a critical role in organising the IE coordinators and in coordinating the annual planning and quarterly reporting of the management. The Office takes care for the members and deals with all the administration processes.

Members of the Office Team are:

Office Manager:
Inesa Sulaj (Albania)

I have completed bachelor studies in Archeology and Management of Cultural Heritage at the University of Tirana and am currently continuing a master’s in Urban Designing and Landscape at Polis University, Albania.

I have gained practical experience through internships at the Department of Cultural Heritage in the Ministry of Culture, the National Museum House of Leaves, and through different programmes focused on restoration of monuments and heritage interpretation. Since 2015, my interest has increasingly focused on heritage interpretation. I am especially interested in implementing the interpretive approach to the visitor experience in museums as a way to make it more enjoyable.

I have been working for more than two years as a tourism and cultural heritage expert at Creative Business Solutions, a consultant organisation in Albania. I am part of the tourism project ‘IntoAlbania’, where I mainly focus on implementing digital technologies in museums and archeological sites. I also work as a consultant for different organisations and projects in Albania and abroad.

In addition, I have participated in many professional international training courses and conferences with a focus on museum management, conservation, disaster risk management, heritage interpretation, intangible heritage. I am a member of the Balkan Museum Network and ICOM.

My work in the back office team will involve providing support to the Office Manage and managing the IE database.

Membership Support Officer:
Yasmina Vera (Spain)

I am Yasmina, from a small village close to the coast of Barcelona. I have been working in the tourism industry over the past years in Spain, the rest of Europe and overseas. I have studied a Vocational Education Training [VET] for ‘Tourist guide, information and commercial’ and worked at various touristic locations and customer service visitor centres in different sectors related to tourism, as well as transport, accommodation and cultural and natural heritage places in Spain and overseas.

Some of my experience has been at Park Güell and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and also at other locations further off the beaten track such as Daintree Rainforest in Australia and the Istrian Region of Croatia with the Eurodyssee program. Afterwards, I needed to improve my skills and conceptualize my previous experiences and this led me to taking a post-graduate degree in ‘Ecotourism and nature’s guiding’, where I became a Certified Interpretive Guide, certificated by Interpret Europe (the European Association for Heritage Interpretation). I have learned concepts and tools that I always try to apply as much as possible in my working life, but also in my personal time.

The IE CIG course gave me a fresh vision of how to understand, appreciate and connect with natural and cultural resources as a result of earth and human action. I realised the technique of combining topics such as science, language, culture, art, geography and history to offer a complete perspective. For that reason, I am glad to participate and collaborate with the IE Training Team; helping to spread the way IE interprets heritage.

Design Officer:
Megi Tafaruci (Albania)

I completed my MSc studies in architecture and urban planning development at the Polytechnic University of Tirana and have recently completed another master in spatial planning and GIS application at Polis University, Albania.

Through my diploma project I proposed a new touristic infrastructure itinerary for the connection of archeological and historical points of Durres, Albania, increasing the readability of the different architectural stages in the city. Durres is one of the oldest Albanian cities, with buildings dating back to Roman times, which today are fused into the urban density, hiding like gems in the city.

I have worked with architectural projects, national and international, gaining experience in dealing with reuse and transformation of historical buildings through restoration. These experiences have increased my interest for cultural heritage.

All of these have inspired me to explore the field of graphic design, initially doing little things for myself and then working as a freelancer. The impact of good design, well composed, graphic information – everything can be communicated in the best way possible in this technological era. I believe I can bring to Interpret Europe a new impact through small steps that can lead beyond.

Media Library Officer:
Jacquie Barbour (UK)

I was born in the city of Glasgow but moved north around 1990 to the Highlands of Scotland. I lived in the city of Inverness which is regarded as the capital of the Highlands but later moved to a small village called Boat of Garten in the Cairngorms National Park where I now work.

I have qualifications in town planning, environmental science and a post grad diploma in Interpretation-Management and Practice which I achieved via the University of Highlands and Islands. Over the years I have been a cartographer, graphic designer, interpretation officer and project and facilities officer. I am presently a visitor services officer for the biggest National Park in Britain and a volunteer rep for the Society of National Park Staff in Britain.

My role at the Cairngorms National Park is basically to improve the visitor experience. I try to do this by working with partners, communities and other organisations to deliver interpretation projects using a collaborative approach. I say try on purpose as it is sometimes a very difficult and frustrating job. Unusually, as a Park Authority, we do not own any land or visitor facing facilities such as visitor centres so we have to work in partnership which means a lot of consultation with communities and joint working with our partners to deliver projects.

My passion is being outdoors, preferably on top of a mountain or near a loch. I love to walk, cycle, ski, paddle and run……but not all at the same time! I also love travelling to see other beautiful places around the world and learn how they interpret their landscape and culture. Art and design; especially graphic design, printing and photography is my secondary passion when I find the time.

Webinar Officer:
Ageliki Politis (UK)

I am half Greek and very passionate about the country, its culture and food. I am also half-Welsh and love Wales too, for its landscape and adventurous experiences that it offers. I work for the Caerphilly local authority as Events and Interpretation Officer, organising events for the public in five country parks and designing interpretation such as trails, signage, website, panels and leaflets etc. 
I also volunteer with Friends of the Earth as an events organiser to tackle climate change and become a plastic-free town. I also volunteer for UNISON, the trade union, as an international relations officer and organise events about the issues that certain countries, such as Palestine and Cuba, are experiencing.  
In addition to volunteering, I teach yoga to adults and organise yoga retreats in both Wales and Greece. 
I am volunteering with Interpret Europe as webinar host,  as I am very passionate about Europe and its cultural heritage and the importance of being involved with Europe, before Brexit happens. I am not happy about, as I am a European person. I am enjoying my new role as webinar host for Interpret Europe as I find it very enjoyable to learn about the processes behind each webinar.

Accounting Officer:
Lucija Gudlin (Germany)

I was born in Zagreb (Croatia) where I studied and graduated in art history and pedagogy. Since 2011, I have been living in Germany where I mastered in world heritage studies in Cottbus. I have a strong love of nature and the outdoors and enjoy hiking and travel. I also enjoy singing in a traditional Sorbic choir.

My first encounter with Interpret Europe was back in the halcyon days of 2014. Studying in Cottbus at the time, I happened upon an engaging tour guide belonging to the Slavic minority of Eastern Germany. She performed the tour in her traditional Sorbic garments (similar to the one I am wearing in my picture), and created a unique experience for us visitors.

Later that year I attended the Interpret Europe Conference in Primošten (Croatia). My presentation topic focused on the interpretative tour given by the afore-mentioned Slavic tour guide. I was immediately hooked on the atmosphere and the openness of the conference participants and I fell in love with the Interpret Europe community.

Toward the end of 2015, Thorsten Ludwig had three Christmas wishes, one of which was asking for someone to take over accounting tasks for the IE organisation. He sent out an email to our mailing group and since I had some background in the field, I offered to help out and I have been assisting ever since. Though my current position as a consultant for sociocultural centres in Brandenburg Germany is only indirectly related to cultural interpretation, I still really enjoy being a part of this engaging community.

Our mission

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