How to get to the conference venue

The Jagiellonian University Conference Centre is situated "Przegorzały" about 7 km from the town centre, 10 km from the railway station and 10 km from Kraków international airport in Balice. It is next to the Institute of European Studies and the Centre for Holocaust Studies of the university, on top of one of the hills stretching along the Vistula river (Wisła, in Polish) in Kraków.

See Dom Gościnny Przegorzały on Google maps

From the main railway station

The main railway station in Cracow is called "Kraków Główny" and is in the very centre of the city. From there you can reach the Conference Centre by taxi (10-15 min, 40-50 zl) or by public transportation (see below).

By plane

The most convenient connection is by direct flight to Balice international airport (KRK) in Kraków. From the airport one can reach the Conference Centre in 10 minutes by taxi (approx. 40 zl) or using public buses (see below).

By taxi

A taxi is the simplest solution. However, we advise you to take only company cabs with a phone number on top. Do not accept offers of a ride from unknown persons, unless you really want to. From any place in Cracow the fare to Przegorzały should not be more than about 50 zl in the daytime (5am-11pm). On Sundays and at night it can be a bit higher but still far less than one hundred złotys.

It is best to order a taxi by phone (call e.g. +48-12 followed by one of the following numbers: 653 5555, 196 33, 191 91, 19 666) since many companies offer discounts when a taxi is ordered by phone. Most taxi phone calls are free of charge.

The destination for the taxi driver is: "Przegorzały (pronounced like 'Pshegoshawy'), university guest house"

By public transport

You need to buy a ticket for a bus or tram in a Kiosk. You can easily find Kiosks around the town - they sell newspapers. You can also buy a ticket from the bus/tram driver but it's a little bit more expensive. A driver may ask you to provide exactly the amount you have to pay. You should stamp the ticket in a machine immediately after entering the bus/tram.

Busses Nos. 109, 209, 229, 239, 259 and 269 will bring you to Przegorzaly.
Ask someone to show you the right stop. After leaving the bus you will see the big building of the Institute situated at the top of the nearby hill. Follow the side road, perpendicular to the main street. After some 200m you will find the open Institute gate on the left. A little bit of climbing along a steep road brings you to the first buildings of the Institute. Continue climbing to the top of the hill 100 m to find the guesthouse and the conference hall.