Presentations and workshops

The following are presentations and workshops that were selected.

This is not a final list and will be subject to change.




The Infernal Emotions: Anger, Fear, and Emotional Resilience in InterpretersS. Marisol Asselta, Puerto Rico

Heritage Interpretation for Senior Audiences (HISA) Handbook

Marie Avellino & Geoge Cassar, Malta,
Peter Seccombe, UK

Sensitive integration of people and wildlife for mutual benefitMarie Banks, UK

Revisiting the Experience: Increasing Interpretive Value with Visitor Journey Mapping


Jane Beattie &
Chuck Lennox, USA

Interpretation for visitors with special needs Markus Blank, Austria
Heritage Interpretation in the CEE Countries - Building a network of professionalsArpad Böczén, Piroska Varga, Antonia Imre, Zsuzsa Berecz, Hungary
Commemoration and memorialization of the Berlin Wall victimsRoberta Caldas Macedo, Brasil

Darkness into light: Interpreting crime scene images from NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive


Nerida Campbell &
Beth Hise, Australia

Reaching Consensus on International Standards in Interpretation


Margo Carlock, USA &
Patrick Lehnes, Germany

Looking for the source - where does heritage interpretation come from?


James Carter, UK &
Patrick Lehnes, Germany

Is telling the stories of conflict an obstacle to building peace?


Susan Cross, UK

Controlling Meaning? The impact of ‘preferred readings’ on identity work and mutual understanding


Nicole Deufel, UK

Active heritage communities in interpretation of hidden cultural heritage of Slovenian countryside

Marjana Dolšina

Helping local communities to research and record their war memorials


Sarah Douglas &
Peter Seccombe, UK

Supersensitive! Interpreting the troubled past and the promising future of WaitawaMichelle Edge, New Zealand

Nature interpretation: narratives v total immersion


Angus Forbes, Germany

Perceived Atmosphere: a way to capture and analyse visitor perceptions of exhibition environments.


Regan Forrest, Canada

Secret Museums “Shunga”: Sex and SensitivitiesStuart Frost, Australia

Defusing culture clash in Sydney, Australia


Egle Garrick &
Joanna Stobinski, Australia

Identifying local community's values as a basis for Agro Tourism planning and interpretation


Dalit Gasul, Israel

Conflict of interpretations: Andean cultural heritage versus commercialization and centralismMarta Kania, Poland

Pagan cultural heritage interpretation in rural tourism and Christian church: growing conflict


Valeria Klitsounova, Belarus

Challenges and potential of pre-Islamic heritage interpretation of the Dilmun burial mounds


Elena Kragulj, Bahrain

Analysis of thematic battlefield interpretation at Kinmen National Park in TaiwanHui-Nien Lin, Taiwan

Implementing ideas as interpretive agents


Thorsten Ludwig, Germany

Evaluation: an interpreter's little helperEvarist March, Spain & Sandy Colvine, France & Valya Stergioti, Greece
Sensitive nature for insensitive people? … Or insensitive interpreters?Evarist March, Spain

Affective displays in museums - issues of multimodal interpretation strategies


Zeljka Miklosevic, Croatia

Does  interpretation create a change in visitors' behavior?


Eyal Mitrani, Israel

The USA at War: Defending Democracy in World Wars but at War Internally over RacismAngelo Munsel

Interpretation used as an important tool for dissemination a large nature area


Lars Nygaard, Denmark

Caernarfon - interpreting an English castle of conquest in WalesDavid Penberthy, UK

Why temporary interpretation is sensitive interpretation for nature sites


Peter Phillipson, UK

Interpreting political culture in the context of a national heritage: values, visions, disruptionsDorota Pietrzyk-Reeves, Poland
Communication of National Parks - Underlying assumptions and concepts in guided tours in GermanyKaroline Pöggel, Germany
Geo Project Day in the Karavanke Geopark (Interpretation in Education)Lenka Rojs & Mojca Bedjanič, Slovenia 

Interpreting heritage: creating interactive mobile multimedia tours in sensitive heritage


Ilse Rombout, Netherlands

A preferred future through a narrative approach based on place based InterpretationPoul Hjulmann Seidler, Denmark
Can heritage interpretation promote peace and democracy? Interpreting the modern heritage of CyprusEmilia Siandou, Cyprus
Dragon Routes in the Balkan region - presentation with interactive workshop

Iva Silla, Croatia &

Manuela Graf, Serbia

Historical clue hunt - An Alternative to Guided Tours within International Study Programs


Claudiu Silvestru & Stefan Wedrac, Austria

Interpretation on carnivores in Sweden


Per Sonnvik, Sweden

Nature Interpretation in Ukraine: Experience of Training for Trainers for Protected Area Staff.OlenaTarasova-Krasiieva, Ukraine
I’m Not Polish: My Discovery of IdentityLeoraTec, USA

Time to lose the time line? Questions of narrative, storytelling and emotion


Kev Theaker, UK

Competence oriented training and education in heritage interpretation: the InHerit approach to embed interpretation in European policies.

Guy Tilkin, Belgium &

Patrick Lehnes, Germany

Seals a conflict issue – How should it be interpreted?


Charlotte Bie Thøstesen, Denmark

Trouble at t’mill: interpreting industrial working lives in heritage attractions.Roger White, UK