Suggerstions for preparation

Sites for study visits

Parco Regionale Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli, en

Carrara: Fanitscritti

Massa: Museo etnologico delle Apuane "Luigi Bonacoscia" (it, en)

Lari (please look briefly at all three language links): en, it, de

Some technical literature about interpretation and management

Brochu, Lisa (2003): Interpretive Planning. The 5-M Model for Successful Planning Projects. NAI, Fort Collins, Colorado

Carter, James 2001. A Sense of Place: An Interpretive Planning Handbook, 2nd ed. Inverness: Tourism & Environment Initiative. e-version for download

Cross, Susan (Fáilte Ireland ed.): Sharing our Stories. Using interpretation to improve the visitors' experience at heritage sites. e-version for download at Fáilte Ireland's website.

Knudson, Douglas, Ted Cable and Larry Beck 2003. Interpretation of Cultural and Natural Resources. 2nd ed. Venture Publishing, State College, Pennsylvania

Merriman, Tim and Lisa Brochu (2005): Management of Interpretive Sites. Developing Sustainable Operations Through Effective Leaderschip. NAI, Fort Collins, Colorado

Some questions one may consider to prepare for the main conference theme

When did you deal with interpretation serving as a management tool?

Have there been any conflicting aims, and could they be resolved?

Do site and museum managers appreciate the role interpretation can play?

Is there a need to convince decision makers of the benefits that can come from interpretation, and what could be done to that end?

How could management and interpreters foster quality of interpretation - in times of limited budgets?

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