Crossing borders: Our Spring Event in Prague

Would you like to have a new look at the historic centre of Prague with its cobblestone lanes, cathedrals, towers and bridges? From 19-21 May, SIMID, the Czech Association for Heritage Interpretation, will organise Interpret Europe's Spring Event 2017. 

In order to increase the quality of our work we are striving to cross the borders that divide us. Where could this better be done than at one of the most inspiring historical hubs in Europe?

Our venue, Toulcův dvůr, is a historic farm estate turned into a modern eco centre; a natural oasis in the Czech capital. The event will include an old town walk through the Historic Centre of Prague World Heritage Site, three keynote addresses, 28 workshops and presentations and a Market of Ideas. Please have a look at the programme and use our online registration form for checking in.

In case you like to forward the announcement of this event as pdf, you can find it here.

Pre-event activities

IE coordinators and their teams are invited to arrive on 18 May, one day in advance, to get into an exchange and to discuss how Interpret Europe can develop its internal structure.

IE certified trainers (CIGT) and guides (CIG) are invited to two pre-event courses in order to improve their skills:

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."
John Cage