Getting there

The most important traffic hub in Prague is the central railway station (Praha hlavní nádraží) close to the historic centre. A local bus stop 'Toulcův dvůr' is next to our venue which is 10 km South-East of the centre (50°2'53.52"N 14°31'11.01"E). There are three metro lines and many bus and tram lines in town which usually operate fast and reliable. Nevertheless, with changing money and purchasing tickets, you should calculate 2-3 hours to get from the airport to the venue.

From the airport to the central railway station

Václav Havel Airport (PRG) is 20 km North-West from the city centre which is the opposite direction than Toulcův dvůr. There is an Airport Express (Bus AE) departing every 30 min from Terminal 1 directly to Praha hlavní nádraží in the city centre. Travel time to Praha hlavní nádraží is about 45 min.

From the central railway or bus station to the venue

All international trains arrive at Praha hlavní nádraží, most international buses arrive at Autobusové nádraží Praha Florenc which is about 1 km further north. To get from both places to Toulcův dvůr, take Metro C (direction: Háje) to Opatov (10/11 stops) and from there Bus 177 (direction: Poliklinika Mazurská) to Toulcův dvůr (5 stops). This takes about 45 min.


Taxis from the airport to Toulcův dvůr should cost about 1,000 Czech koruna (around €40) and take about 45 min. From the train/bus station to Toulcův dvůr, it might be about 450 Czech koruna (around €18) and take about 20 min. Taxi drivers charging much more than they should are an issue in Prague. Therefore the best way to get a taxi is through a hotel.

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