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Interpret Europe’s broad membership is the guarantee of lively exchange between practitioners and academics, suppliers and customers from more than 40 countries.

To facilitate this exchange, we offer several news channels such as newsmails, newsletters, the news section on this website, our conference website newsfeed and our social media accounts.

Our members are

  • Individuals interested in the development of the interpretive profession
  • Professionals working as guides or trainers, designers, copywriters or planners, or in the management of facilities
  • Organisations or institutions enabling people to experience and learn about natural and cultural heritage
  • Companies offering interpretive or support services and supplies

Members of Interpret Europe are based on all continents. We welcome anybody wanting to become a member and be connected with the development of heritage interpretation in Europe.

Members do not need to renew their membership. It is effective for an unlimited time, and can be cancelled to the end of the year at any time.

Donors wishing to offer sponsored memberships to a person, an organisation or a company can do so for one year or longer.

To keep membership fees low, we strongly encourage the use of SEPA direct debit mandates. If this is not possible, we offer Paypal direct invoicing or invoices paid by regular bank transfer.

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