Corporate membership

Corporate members are companies providing products or services related to heritage interpretation. These could be services in interpretive training, planning or consulting or supplies such as graphics, prints, panels, showcases, costumes, audio devices, mobile apps, or other forms of technology.

Corporate members receive:

  • Opportunities to showcase their products and services in the IE market section
  • Opportunities to search for partners and publicise recruiting opportunities in the IE partners and jobs sections
  • Special conditions for presenting products and services at IE conferences
  • Recognition through the IE membership logo on their website
  • The option to feature once in an introductory article in the IE newsletter

Like all other members, corporate members benefit from:

  • Networking opportunities with professionals from more than 40 different countries
  • Information through IE newsmails, newsletters and conference proceedings
  • The right to vote at the IE General Assembly or whenever a ballot is held.

Annual fees for corporate members are

480 € for companies with more than 10 employees (A)
240 € for companies with five to 10 employees (B)
120 € for freelancers/companies with less than five employees (C)

Corporate members receive membership reductions at IE conferences for up to four employees (A), three employees (B) or two employees (C).

Whenever possible, please use a SEPA direct debit mandate to pay your membership fee.

Online application form
for corporate membership
Direct debit mandate

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