Europe’s culture – Close to you

IE joined the European Commission’s social media campaign launched by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel under the banner #EuropeForCulture


The aim of the campaign was to promote Europe’s cultural and natural treasures for a summer of European heritage. We invited our members to send us images taken while discovering (in a safe and sustainable way) the beauty and richness of destinations close to their homes and we managed a tour of 13 European countries through the contributions sent in.

Based on the images and descriptions sent by our members we created social media posts that contained theme-based statements that reflected the main principles of heritage interpretation.

The images give a few examples of how we tried to capture in just a few words:

•    first-hand experiences;
•    participation;
•    stewardship;
•    revealing deeper meanings.

The challenge we faced was to connect the story we wanted to tell, the wider aspect of the story that is not visible in the photo, and universal concepts that enable us to connect visitors (or in this case readers) to the heritage on a deeper level. The pictures and the stories submitted to this project are a testimony to the diversity we are celebrating and re-discovering, hopefully not just this summer but longer term too. 

The Commission also held a photo competition. Our entry to this was a poster created from a selection of the images representing heritage from multiple countries that had received good responses and sharing on our social media channels. Fingers crossed for the results of that.

Thanks for all your contributions to this #(Interpret)EuropeForCulture project!

Janja Sivec is IE´s Social Media Coordinator. You can reach here at

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