Incredible education in Jablanica – How to be better in your job!

"A man learns when he is alive" and it was great to feel alive and learn from the first CIG course in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In June this year, I took part in the Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course, which was the first one for Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was an amazing five days in Jablanica, a little town where this course was held as part of the cross-border project between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro called ‘Interesting Museums – aMUSeumING’.

During the course, I met lots of good people and I learned more about interpretation of our cultural heritage. I couldn't believe that I would have such an amazing experience there. Jablanica is a small but beautiful town on the border. It is surrounded by hills and mountains with nature all around and the Neretva River adds another dimension; you just can't imagine the color of the river and the strength it has. We learned lots about the history of this town and the rich history of whole area, especially from the period of World War II. We spent one day in the Museum of the Battle for the Wounded at Neretva, and we learned about the planned modernisation of this museum. We also focused on the historical bridge, the train "Ćiro" and the whole area during this course. Every day we learned so much about interpretation of our heritage.

The days went by so fast that I couldn't believe it when we came to the end of our course. Our trainer, Ivana Zrilić, was so entertaining that we wanted more of that positive energy and more knowledge every day. We learned lots of new terms and how to use them. Some of them are fact, phenomenon, message, etc. which I will always remember and know how to use not only as a touristic guide, but as a curator also. I am not new in this job, but I learned that one of the most important things is how to have good connections with your visitors. Ivana did everything to teach us how to get as close as possible to our guests and to present our cultural-historical heritage as best we can. It is not only important to say something about that place, it is important how you present it to your guests who can't always hear or see what you can. 

At the end I must say that every person during this course left a mark in my heart and I really hope that I will have an opportunity to see these people again and work with them. I am proud that I was a part of this group in Jablanica because we worked as a team during the whole course. Thanks to Ivana and Interpret Europe I think we learned a lot. I can proudly say that I am a member of IE and I know that I will improve myself working as a curator and touristic guide.

Jelena Pujic is a curator of archaelogy in the Museum of Herzegovina in Trebinje and is a tourist guide for the Republic of Srpska and a local guide for Trebinje town. She can be contacted

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