Life-changing CIG

I took part in a CIG course in Zaprešić, Croatia, at the end of June and it was life-changing!

I came to the Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course without any expectations or any idea what the interpretive guide is or what specifically his/her job involves. It took me a few days until I managed to get ‘out of the box’ and accept the new meaning of my old job. But at the end of the course, I felt like I had discovered a whole new world of possibilities and a space for improvement had opened up in front of me. Through the course, I have learned new skills and useful tools to make guests see heritage with different eyes, hear it with different ears, or feel it with deeper emotion.

The enthusiasm that our trainer, Ivana Zrilić, brought to our course made a positive and friendly atmosphere. We cried together and we laughed together. Knowledge and experiences were shared freely between us. With straightforward explanations and a lot of discussions, we understood the true meaning of being an interpretive guide. 

The course took place in Novi Dvori of Zaprešić, a cultural treasure of Croatia and significant national heritage. The beauty of the estate inspired me to accomplish all assignments successfully and instantly use everything I had learned.

Everyone who works to protect and preserve heritage should take this course because it gives you a deeper meaning of heritage you already know so well, but also teaches you how to connect guests with your site and create an appreciation for it. 

I can say this course was life-changing for me and for my colleagues. It was inspiring, unforgettable, comprehensive, and unique. 

Tanja Mirić is a local tourist guide, working as a freelancer in Croatia and abroad. You can contact her at: 

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