New coordinator with a taste for food

We have a new subject coordinator for gastronomic heritage. Does this tickle your tastebuds?

From an early age, I considered myself a real foodie, savouring flavours and dishes as far back as I can remember. I have always liked to explore new food but also traditional recipes. My grandma was a chef and that made a really big influence on me. Plus, my father is a wine producer. Today, I strongly believe that food is much more than just the necessary nutrients. Food is perhaps the most universal element of our shared humanity.

The story of food, in so many words, is the story of us. Interestingly; food is the only intangible and (at the same time) tangible heritage with which we communicate on a daily basis. It is one of the few things on Earth that one can connect with from any angle, from any background and at any level of experience.

I look forward to working with my culinary heritage interpretation team to develop interpretive methods, exercises and approaches to the interpretation of food. If you have experience in this field and would like to join our recipe for success, drop me an email.

Max Dubravko Fijačko is IE’s Gastronomic Heritage Coordinator. He can be contacted at:
You can read all our coordinators’ full profiles on IE’s website here: 

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