Three courses down for new trainer

Despite coronavirus challenges, three courses were held back-to-back in the summer and proved to be very popular.


Recent events have fundamentally changed our lives and have also impacted many planned IE training courses; some being stopped mid-way through while others had to be postponed. By contrast, circumstances transpired for me – one of IE’s newest trainers – to run three consecutive courses non-stop (well almost!). Here are my initial impressions of my very first courses as an IE trainer.

My first CIG course was held in Zaprešić, in late June, and despite my lengthy experience in lifelong learning, I was very much aware of the new challenges related to different exercises, expressions and themes contained in Interpret Europe's Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course. That's why I chose to run my first course in a special site close to my heart, which is familiar to me; where I feel good, safe and know every detail of the place inside out.

Just six days later I was travelling to Herceg Novi, a beautiful city in Montenegro. By then, I was familiar with the whole training procedure and it was easier for me. Then immediately after that, I journeyed to Bosnia and Herzegovina, to Jablanica, where my CIG training adventure continued. 

By course number three I realised how great it is to see the participants' happiness when they realise how useful the interpretive skills we offer them actually are. It’s a great feeling when you see how much progress they make in only five days. I was also happy to see them browsing through our manuals, even in the free time, learning for their exam, speaking the language of interpretation and using the key terms as if they were born with them.

When you put your heart into everything you do in your life, people feel it. I fell in love with the techniques, exercises and the entire Interpret Europe philosophy right from the start. I found that ‘learning by doing' is always better than conventional classroom-based learning with presentations only.

I did feel some nerves before I started but Valya, the IE Training Coordinator, gave me the best advice ever: "Be relaxed and enjoy it then your participants will enjoy it too" and that proved to be absolutely true.

Ivana Zrilić is a licensed tourist guide for several Croatian regions and since February 2017 has been working as a mentor/ teacher in the Lifelong Learning of the Baltazar University in Zagreb, sharing her knowledge and more than 20 years’ experience in guiding with new generations of tour guides. Ivana enjoys interpreting heritage, telling stories to children and arousing curiosity in adults by sharing her knowledge, secrets and legends to keep the city’s cultural soul and heartbeat alive. You can contact her at:

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