HIMIS project partners

HIMIS involved four pilot schools:

  • IPS Marco Gavio Apicio school in Anzio, Italy
    a vocational training school in the field of hospitality and tourism
  • 3rd Genico Lukeio school in Kerkyra, Corfu, Greece
    a public grammar school
  • Zespol Szkol Nr 6 in Wrocław, Poland
    a public grammar school
  • Kastelbergschule, Waldkirch, Germany
    a public comprehensive school

Each school used heritage interpretation to develop activities and events involving students from varied backgrounds as co-creators. They researched history and culture and developed interpretive events and materials that would give participants exciting and memorable experiences.

The schools were guided by three experts in interpretation and teacher training:

  • Red Kite Environment, UK, a consultancy specialising in heritage interpretation,
  • University of Freiburg’s Heritage Interpretation research group, Germany, and
  • Ce.S.F.Or., Italy, an adult education training provider.

These three organisations developed and tested the teacher training course and provided information and mentoring that would help the teachers develop their heritage interpretation activities at their schools.

Interpret Europe joined HIMIS as an associated partner, supporting the project with its expertise and networking opportunities.

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