An own course at your site?

You can book an IE training course for a complete group of up to 16 participants for your site or for your organisation, or you can share one with other sites.

Up to now there are guide courses and guide trainer courses offered by Interpret Europe. If you have specific requests regarding other fields of heritage interpretation, don’t hesitate to ask. IE has many qualified members who could offer such courses for you.

The guide and guide trainer courses include a practical introduction to heritage interpretation. They are designed to complement your other training offers. That way, they can be added as additional modules to other courses without creating significant duplication. They can be run as residential or non-residential courses, and they can be split into up to five parts according to the preferred training arrangements of the organisations involved.

Get in touch with us by contacting and we can figure out the best way how to organise your course.

Interpretation is a voyage
of discovery in the field
of human emotions
and intellectual growth,
and it is hard to foresee
that time when
the interpreter can
confidently say,
"Now we are wholly
adequate to our task".

Freeman Tilden