Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG)

In this 40–hour course guides learn to:

  • turn phenomena into experiences
  • provoke resonance and participation
  • offer paths to deeper meaning
  • foster stewardship for all heritage.

Participants practice and perform the skills linked to these qualities, giving and receiving feedback based on 20 benchmark standards. The course is accompanied by tried-and-tested work material and an illustrated 40-page course manual.

To be certified, participants will:

  • perform an interpretive talk
  • present a peer review exercise
  • sit a short written test
  • deliver a homework task.

All applicants need to be either individual members or professional members of Interpret Europe. They do not need to know about heritage interpretation but should have some guiding experience.

Please check for our upcoming open access courses.

Interpretation is a voyage
of discovery in the field
of human emotions
and intellectual growth,
and it is hard to foresee
that time when
the interpreter can
confidently say,
"Now we are wholly
adequate to our task".

Freeman Tilden