Interpretive guide trainer course for IE CIGs

This three-day course is designed for IE members having successfully completed the five-day CIG guide course as IE Certified Interpretive Guides (CIGs) and who now wish to become IE Certified Interpretive Guide Trainers (CIGTs).

It offers reflection, theory and practical teaching exercises on contemporary learning approaches, and heritage interpretation. Finally participants go through a detailed step-by-step analysis on how to run the IE Interpretive Guides course. This covers practical issues, such as planning and promoting the course, stakeholder analysis, securing quality criteria, crisis management, etc.

To be certified, participants must:

  • perform a teaching session that is video-taped and sent to an IE review team to be assessed
  • present a peer-review exercise
  • deliver a homework task.

All applicants must be either individual members or professional members of Interpret Europe.

After successful completing this course, certified guide trainers are registered by Interpret Europe and authorised to run the IE guide course on their own. They are fully responsible for their guide courses including certification and do not need to pay any fees to Interpret Europe.

Please check for our upcoming open access courses.

Interpretation is a voyage
of discovery in the field
of human emotions
and intellectual growth,
and it is hard to foresee
that time when
the interpreter can
confidently say,
"Now we are wholly
adequate to our task".

Freeman Tilden