Certified Live Interpreter (CLI)

Have you mastered your medieval sword skills, enjoyed sewing your costume or are the foremost exponent of a disappearing craft? This course will equip you with the tools for sharing your passion with visitors at your chosen site.

How do you maximise visitor engagement with your live interpretation offer? How can you best fulfil the potential of costumed historical interpretation? If you have ever wondered how to move beyond object and function to an interpretation of the whole human story this is the course for you.

In order to develop a Certified Live Interpreter (CLI) course, Interpret Europe has started a cooperation with Past Pleasures, the world’s oldest and biggest freelance contractor providing live, costumed, historical interpretation to heritage sites across the globe.

The CLI course includes three days of study, then a break for home study, followed by two further days including assessment. To be certified, participants will:

  • Deliver historical interpretation via a presentation as a person from history.
  • Demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge by identifying their presentation as either first or third person and by adhering to the rules of that format.
  • Utilise the historical character development tools acquired in the 3 workshop days
  • Present a peer review exercise
  •  Deliver a homework task demonstrating their understanding of academically responsible live interpretation

All applicants need to be either individual members or professional members of Interpret Europe. It is necessary to have a passion for history and it is useful to have in mind a site near their home for use as a starting point for building an historically costumed live interpretation offer for certification.

The pilot course will take place in the UK from 1-3 September 2017 (Part 1) and from 6-7 September 2017 (Part 2).  The first three days will consist of workshops in a range of different heritage environments across the area around London: (stately home, museum or gallery space, ancient exterior). In the two days of part 2, applicants will present characters in those spaces to deliver the live interpretation presentation they have worked on in part 1. This will be assessed as their final submission for certification.

Enrollment fee

Attendees from the following countries: UK, Belguim, Switzerland,  Ireland , France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden: €499 (plus €30 IE membership fee for those who aren’t yet members).

Attendees from the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic,  Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Greece and others to Ukraine: € 398 (plus € 30 IE membership fee for those who aren’t yet members).

Please note: fee is for tuition only and does not include travel, accommodation or subsistence. Accommodation prices range from € 27 per night. Ask Past Pleasures Ltd about accommodation options when you book.

To apply for the course, please email kate.howard@pastpleasures.co.uk

Interpretation is a voyage
of discovery in the field
of human emotions
and intellectual growth,
and it is hard to foresee
that time when
the interpreter can
confidently say,
"Now we are wholly
adequate to our task".

Freeman Tilden