Interpretive Writing for Natural and Cultural Heritage
11-15 September, 2017

Location: HMO Headquarters at Kimonos and Pangalou 11, Elefsina, Greece

This course is part of:
HMO Training Heritage Leaders
Autumn 2017

Executive Leadership Program in Heritage Management

The key to effective word-based Heritage Interpretation is written text that grabs and holds the reader’s attention.
During a 5-day course participants will discover and practice a wide range of techniques to engage readers and master the techniques of interpretive writing. Participants will have the opportunity to strive to become a Certified Interpretive Writer awarded by Interpret Europe, the European Association for Heritage Interpretation, after successfully completing, and being assessed on, the following exercises:

  1. develop a strong theme for a piece of interpretive writing
  2. turn a poorly written panel into a good example of interpretive writing
  3. write an interpretive writing piece incorporating the techniques taught in the course
  4. edit and rewrite some difficult text utilizing the principles of interpretive writing
  5. write the text for a sign aimed at changing visitor behavior
  6. write the script for a piece of interpretive audio   

The course’s instructor, Steven Richards-Price, is an Interpret Europe Training Team member, former IE Supervisory Committee member, former Chair of the Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI-UK), Vice-Chair of Interpret Wales, and a heritage interpreter with many years of practical experience working for natural resources agencies in Wales, UK.

  • All applicants need to be either individual members or professional members of Interpret Europe. Knowledge of heritage interpretation will not be necessary but any level of experience of writing for visitors will be a plus.


  • HMO scholarships (for tuition only) will be available for participants from Balkan countries. Applicants who are employees of national ministries of culture, education, tourism and sports working on heritage are advised to inquire. 
  • To apply for this course, please:
  1. fill in and submit the HMO Executive Leadership Program in Heritage Management application form;
  2. after receiving confirmation of receipt of your application, complete the application process by submitting your curriculum vitae and a personal statement. A reference letter is not required for this course. However, if you wish to and/or are applying for an HMO scholarship, please be aware that a letter of reference should come in separately by your referee at their earliest convenience. Please submit all your application documents (and reference letter) by email to inherity.info@gmail.com. Applications should not exceed 750 words in total and your curriculum vitae should be no more than 1000 words.
  • A reasonable proficiency in spoken and written English is required to attend the course. In order to assess it, applicants will be asked to participate in a personal (spoken) interview. 
  • After approval of their application file, participants should arrange payment for the course and book their accommodation in Elefsina by filling in and submitting the Certified Interpretive Writer course fees and accommodation Booking Form

There are still a few spaces for this course (maximum of 12 participants)
so we have extended the deadline to Monday August 21 2017

For further details about the course, you may contact
Steven Richards-Price at steven@writing4visitors.com 

For questions regarding the administrative aspects of the course, you may contact
Dr. Eleni Drakaki at inherity.info@gmail.com  

Interpretation is a voyage
of discovery in the field
of human emotions
and intellectual growth,
and it is hard to foresee
that time when
the interpreter can
confidently say,
"Now we are wholly
adequate to our task".

Freeman Tilden