Our venue

Toulcův dvůr (Toulcův Court) is a historic farm estate with its first written record as far back as 1362. It is situated in Prague-Hostivaři and keeps its charm although it is now surrounded by a newly developed neighbourhood.

The facilities include vegetable gardens, orchards and fields with original Czech breeds of livestock, as well as a 10 ha outdoor area with diverse natural habitats: a nice natural oasis in the Czech capital.

The estate itself has recently been transformed into an ecological learning centre. It accommodates a hostel, a restaurant, several shops and local initiatives that are involved in running the site.


Středisko ekologické výchovy Toulcův dvůr
Kubatova 32/1, Praha 10 – Hostivař 102 00

Borders? I have never seen one.
But I have heard they exist
in the minds of some people.

Thor Heyerdahl