You can download the pdf version of the programme here.

Thursday – 18 May

From 17:00: Arrival of IE coordinators, teams and trainers
19:00    Meetings of IE coordinators, teams and trainers

Friday – 19 May

09:00-15:00: Meetings of IE coordinators, teams and trainers

14:00    Opening of the reception desk
16:00    Opening of the Spring Event 2017
                  Michal Medek, SIMID Board of Directors
                  Thorsten Ludwig, IE Managing Director
16:30    The role of interpretation at the borderline
                  of heritage declarations and reality
                  Keynote address by Lenka Mrázová
                  (UNESCO Chair of Museology and World Heritage)
17:30    Break
17:45    Introducing the four thematic strands of the event:
             - Developments in interpretation theory and practice
                  Marie Banks, IE News Coordinator
             - Heritage interpretation in Eastern Europe
                  Michal Medek, SIMID Board of Directors
             - Heritage interpretation in higher education
                  Nicole Deufel, IE Research Coordinator
             - Heritage interpretation in IE's training programme
                  Valya Stergioti, IE Training Coordinator                 
18:30    Dinner
19:30    Come together

Saturday – 20 May

08:30    European heritage: The art of sharing
                  Keynote address by Jelena Močević
                  (Council of Europe, European Heritage Days)
09:30    Parallel workshops and presentations
12:30    Lunch
13:30    Parallel workshops and presentations
14:30    Break
15:00    Old town walk through the Historic City Centre WHS
18:30    Dinner and evening in the historic centre of Prague
22:15    Departure for Toulcův dvůr (meeting point: Hus Memorial)
23:00    Arrival back at our venue

Sunday – 21 May

08:30    Degrees of understanding:
                  How do we cross the border between
                  interpretation theory and practice
                  Keynote address by Steven Timoney
                  (UHI MSc programme on heritage interpretation)
09:30    Parallel workshops and presentations
11:30    Market of Ideas (Long 'coffee break' with
                  speakers' corner, poster sessions, etc.)
12:30    Introducing the next conference
                  Bill Taylor, IE Conference Coordinator
12:45    Closing of the Spring Event 2017
                  Markus Blank, IE Managing Director
13:00    Lunch

IE certified trainers (CIGT) and guides (CIG) were invited to two pre-event courses in order to improve their skills:

16-18 May: Interpretive Guide Trainer Course for CIGs
18 May: Interpretive Host Trainer Course for CIGTs

Borders? I have never seen one.
But I have heard they exist
in the minds of some people.

Thor Heyerdahl