Our goals

In 2015, two key strategic goals were agreed for the period 2016-2020. Each of them can be divided in two sub-goals:

To grow a membership that supports, and that is supported by, the association

  1. To achieve independent long-term financing through membership fees which requires a significant growth in numbers (Mission 2020)
  2. To encourage members to take responsibility for specific tasks in order to be able to manage these tasks and to meet the requirements of a contemporary network.

To anchor heritage interpretation at European and national levels

  1. To become a perceptible player in Europe at international, national and regional levels
  2. To serve as a European platform for exchange between associations, universities, providers and professionals.

Annual management plans with measurable key objectives are set up in order to achieve these goals.

Our mission

To serve all who use
first-hand experiences to
give natural and cultural heritage
a deeper meaning