HeriQ - Quality in Heritage Interpretation

HeriQ was rooted in the Leonardo project TOPAS - Training of Protected Area Staff (1999-2006) and related to the German project ParcInterp (2009-2012).

It intended to emphasise the ideas of learning for sustainability within heritage interpretation focussing on two aims:

  • To inspire interpreters to act as interpretive agents, setting up networks for heritage interpretation for sustainability
  • To train and to certify interpretive guides who intend to share their heritage mainly with visitors from abroad.

Main results were a seven-day pilot course for interpretive agents and a five-day certification course for interpretive guides, based on a needs analysis and evaluated and improved by a Quality Monitoring Committee.

Following an agreement with the HeriQ Consortium in 2015, HeriQ's Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course formed the basis for Interpret Europe's training and certification programme.

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